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Student Scholarships
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Financial assistance is available for those in need!

If you are interested in your child attending a radKIDS camp and are in need of financial assistance, we can help. We obtain grants to help pay the class tuition for those families who can not afford the program. We do not turn away a student due to lack of ability to pay.

Friends of radKIDS Lake Norman needs YOU
to help keep the children in our community safe.

Since 2013, we’ve empowered over 2500 kids. We anticipate more than tripling that number over the next few years. Parents are excited to get their kids signed up for our safety empowerment camps. Our number one goal is to empower EVERY SINGLE CHILD in our community. We believe that every child deserves personal and life skills to live safe. If you would like to help us throughout our journey, please let us know!

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