The radKIDS® foundational base in personal safety and life skills development.

Courses includes the following three principles of PERSONAL SAFETY that every radKIDS child learns and accepts as their own:
  • No one has the right to hurt you, because you are SPECIAL.
  • You don’t have the right to hurt anyone else – including yourself – unless someone is trying to hurt you.
    Then you have the right to STOP them.
  • If anyone ever tries to hurt you, trick you, or make you feel bad inside, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT, and you can tell.

radKIDS® is dedicated to breaking the potential cycle of victimization.

Children who believe that no one has the right to hurt them and understands it is not their fault if someone does try has the ability and potential to never be a victim. Some areas we cover within our curriculum are:
  • 911
  • Fire Safety
  • Home Safety
  • Gun Safety
  • Outside Safety
  • Bike Safety
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Strangers/Tricks
  • Good, Bad, & Unwanted Touch
  • School Safety
  • Bullies
  • Internet Safety