Friends of radKIDS – Lake Norman

Karen & David Fisher, nationally certified radKIDS® instructors, have run the local affiliate program Friends of radKIDS – Lake Norman based in Mooresville, NC since 2013. Karen, a stay at home mom since 2009, and David, a local business owner of 25 years, decided to make empowering children their fulltime jobs. Since radKIDS Lake Norman’s inception, they have helped train over 1500 children their community and surrounding areas of Lake Norman.

We are incredibly proud of our journey so far, and even more excited to bring this program to our community for many years to come. Please join us in our mission to empower every single child so that they may know just how special they are and that NO ONE has the right to hurt them.
— David & Karen Fisher

How radKIDS®
came to Lake Norman

The idea of bringing a kids safety program to the Lake Norman area came from a RAD Women’s class sponsored by the local police department that Karen attended.

Karen attended the 2 day class and felt incredibly empowered after completing the workshop because she knew she then had the skills and the power to stop anyone from hurting her. As a mom of 2 amazing kids, she wondered, “Why isn’t there a class like this for kids?” 

After doing some research, we learned that there indeed was a program out there, and it was called radKIDS®. (rad stands for Resisting Aggression Defensively).

So she they out on a mission.

The challenge was getting the program that was “out there” and bringing it “here”. After a year of attempts, she and David were finally able to attend the instructor certification courses. From there, they hit the ground running with the program carrying with them the goal to empower every single kid in their community.

radKIDS? They know MORE!