Education is the only thing that can change fear into power. radKIDS® gives children the opportunity and power to live safer in our world today. radKIDS know MORE!

Summer & Weekend Camps

After School Enrichment

Why is radKIDS so LIFE CHANGING for our youth?

radKIDS® puts the safety of kids in their own hands by SHOWING them how to be safe, not just by TELLING them what to do. Other safety programs give children general guidance rules, show videos, or simply “talk” to the children. radKIDS Lake Norman is dedicated to providing our children with a hands-on, activity-based, physical skill development program.  It empowers children with instinctual options they need to recognize, avoid, and if necessary, respond to potential danger. When a child is approached or grabbed by a stranger, bullied, or touched inappropriately, the response needs to be immediate, instinctual, and absolute. When empowered with realistic and instinctive skills to escape violence and/or harm, a radKID’s mindset turns from “HELP ME, HELP ME!” to “HOW DARE YOU HURT ME!

We guarantee your kid will KNOW MORE after attending a radKIDS®camp.

radKIDS® objective is to provide educational opportunities for children ages 3 to 12 and parents concerning awareness and personal safety strategies, instilling confidence, andreducing the possibility of adverse physical control. We are committed to providing education that enhances the ability of children, parents, and families to utilize knowledge, skills, and power to protect themselves from violence and harm. We provide each child with a personally empowering and comprehensive foundational paradigm of safety based on self-value, self-worth, and self-esteem.

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The radKIDS® Curriculum meets or exceeds the core educational standards in Elementary Health & Physical Education Curriculum in all 50 states.

We reinforce what we have learned with drills and prizes throughout each class.  At the end of the class, we have a “graduation” to show parents how each child has obtained the power to never be a victim.
Each parent is presented with a child ID kit.